You’re an investor and you don’t know it

You are an investor. Every time money moves, this is an investment. You make dozens of investment decisions everyday.

Every item you buy in your local store is a decision and an opportunity to invest in ethical providers or a healthy lifestyle. Every time you buy clothes you have a choice to invest your money in brands who are committed to sustainable fashion. Every choice you make to better balance our increasingly meat-based diet, you invest in a healing of our environment. If you have a pension plan, somebody is making decisions on your behalf on where to invest your retirement funds. 

And every investment has an impact. Good or bad. If you knew that some of your purchasing decisions or investments cause harm for the world, I bet you would reconsider your investment choices. I know you would, because who wants to cause harm knowingly? 

Seek the answer to this question: ‘what impact do my everyday decisions have on people and the planet’? If you are an investor in the traditional sense, and have thousands of dollars in investment funds, ask yourself ‘what impact do my investments make?’ Do they cause, or avoid harm for people and the planet? Do they contribute to solutions of social and environmental issues or benefit underserved communities?

The world needs you. Your investments are your superpower. Any power comes with responsibility, let alone a superpower. You can’t just not do anything with it. So what are you going to do?

Think about it.  It is your chance and choice to change the world – better or worse. What is it going to be?

Melek De-Wint is an impact practitioner and supports organizations across the world to understand, measure and communicate their impact.


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